Introducing my own URL shortener

Hello there, on the event of 15th August (Independence Day of India), I introduced my first SaaS model based URL shortening service named as Dhruv Foundation.

Why I named it Dhruv Foundation?

I named this service as Dhruv Foundation because this domain actually belonged to a Non-Government organization in which I was a member, and a web designer, the NGO was started by my uncle but he had to shut it down due to some trust reasons about the members appointed as trustees.

Then, as the NGO was shut down I also had to delete all the information related to the NGO from the domain, but a few days ago, on 10th August 2018, when I was going to sleep, an idea suddenly came to my mind, to continue the mission of the Dhruv Foundation, without an office.

Then, I thought very deeply and researched about ideas by which I can continue this mission. Then the idea of URL shortening service came to my mind, as you've observed that free services don't give good results and paid ones are too much…

Welcome to my Official Blog

Hello and welcome to my official blog. Here you will get latest updates related to my life, and trending technologies I'm working on, and a lot more.

Who I am?
I'm Kartik Gambhir, and I'm an Entrepreneur, Blogger, a Digital Marketing Expert, Web Designer, App Developer.

I'm passionate about trending technologies and love to research and work on them.
Currently, I am working on the following technologies

1. Blockchain
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Cloud Computing
4. Internet of Things or IoT
5. Big Data

Along with this, I have some apps published on Google Play which you can see from here

Recently, I have launched my own URL shortening service like Bitly or Rebrandly, about which I will discuss in my next blog post.

On this blog, I will share about upcoming products or services, my experiences, and some interesting facts and information you should know about.